Disciple: Attack, Review


One band I have been really getting into lately is Disciple. With my first album from them, O God Save us All, I was impressed, but with this newest release, Attack, they’ve taken it to a whole new level. This is Metal at its finest. It isn’t the chugging, hardcore of modern metal, it’s melodic and just outright cool. It’s a hybrid between metal and hard rock, and it works.

The concept of the album is found in the title alone. And coupled with that awesome cover, one can easily come to figure that it’s about warfare of some sort, and they’ll be right. Attack is all about standing strong and bold against the enemy.

It begins with the lead single, Radical, which begins with Kevin shouting, “”Til the day I die I’ll be a radical!” The first thing one notices is these guy’s rock solid faith. With explicit Christian lyrics such as, “It’s easy to find someone who will compromise, but it’s not easy to find someone who’s willing to stand.” Overall, this song just gets the heart pumping with a passion for Christ until it slows for the worshipful bridge, “Not just my mouth, but let my hands speak the glory of God.” It picks back up before it ends with a earth shaking scream from lead man Kevin Young.

The next two songs, Attack and Dead Militia take the warfare aspect even further. Both are hard rocking and fit their concepts perfectly. Both also contain some of my favourite lyrics. Attack is sung from God’s perspective, getting His son ready for battle and telling Him that He’ll be there. “So hang on every Word I say, don’t let them take you by surprise!” Dead Militia is easily one of my all time favourite metal songs. This time it’s a song directed to the enemy, with sometimes violent lyrics such as, “We are the thunder and the chorus of war, we are the hammer that will break of their horns!” And it ends in victory, “The earth will lift its hands in hallelujah to God!”

Scarlet takes full advantage of the Gospel and Disciple presents the perfect song to show to an unsaved friend. It’s bit softer than the previous tracks, but still offers some crunching guitar. Another incredible highlight

Another favourite of mine, the Name, takes the old hymn “‘Tis so sweet to trust in Jesus,” and turns it into a full on metal worship anthem. Beginning with fast guitar work, Kevin screams, “Jesus, Jesus, how I trust Him, how I have proven Him over and over!” The chorus is second best to Dead Militia. “I will not be afraid to speak your name, I don’t care if they drag me up in chains, no power of Hell can shake my faith!”

As usual with a band of this intensity, the lyrics are full of Scripture, and in the lyrics sheet, each line of each song is coupled with a Scripture passage where the line came from. It proves that these guys only write from the inspiration of Scripture, and it shows. On songs like Angels and Demons, the chorus shouts, “Nothing can tear us apart, no Angels, no Demons, or dangers, no enemies!”

The second ballad of the record (the first being Unbroken) comes in with Yesterday is Over. About leaving the past behind and “Letting His love take over you.” A truly inspirational song and yet another one of my favourites.

Crazy is probably my least favourite on the record. It just doesn’t grab me like the others. That’s not to say it’s a bad song, but compared to the others on this record, it sadly falls short.

The final ballad, The Right Time, ends this amazing record off with a simple song about God saving us in His perfect timing. Kevin sings, “With God it’s never too late.”

Overall this is easily one of the best metal albums of the year (second to Wolves at the Gate’s VxV) and it gives me strength to fight in the battle God has called us into. Easily one of the top three albums of the year, and it’ll be interesting to see where it ranks at the end of this amazing year of music!