The Armor of God: The Belt of Truth


The next part of the armor of God I’ll look at is the Belt of Truth. Alright, what is the Belt of Truth? The belt obviously keeps everything in tact, and keeps everything from falling. We all know how embarrassing that is! But I think we should ask, how much of what we’re hearing is the truth?

Everyday we’re shoved advice in our minds from people we know and by some we don’t know. But how much of it is the truth? How much do you hear Christians say that’s the truth? How much do you hear your pastor preaching every Sunday that’s the truth? What if what you’ve been learning is all a lie?

It’s a scary thought, but that’s where the Bible comes in. The thing is, I don’t trust what a lot of people say, so I read the Word for myself. Why don’t I trust what people say? Because in this day and age, there is so much focus on theology and the study of Scripture that we have forgotten the one who brought us Scripture in the first place. We’ve become so focused on finding the truth, that we look everywhere, including Bible college and theology class, and forget our relationship with Christ.

In our search for truth, we’ve left the Way, the Truth, and the Life behind. When Jesus is the greatest truth, why are we still searching?

When we put on the Belt of Truth, I see people making Jesus, not only the center, but their entire lives. I see people standing for Jesus and His ways.

The song Radical by Disciple says, “It’s easy to find someone who will compromise, but it’s not easy to find someone who’s willing to stand. The road to Hell is wide, but to Heaven it’s one way, one truth, one life!” The road to Heaven is not the study of theology, it’s only through Jesus Christ.

Theology can’t save anyone, only Jesus can raise a life from the dead. And yet sin is running rampant in the church, the very place theology is taught. I fear theology has separated us from Christ. As we’re taught Scripture, we feel we’re the ones who can make a difference. You hear every church say “We’re the movement that will change this generation!”

I want to share a song by the amazing band, My Epic, and their song, Curse. I think this sums up our life objective brilliantly.