The Armor of God: Feet Shod with the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace


The next part of the Armor of God I’m going to look at is the shoes of the preparation of the Gospel of peace. So what does it mean to have your feet shod with the preparation of the Gospel of peace? First, I want you to look at that word: Preparation.

We need to wear the Gospel and to leave its mark on every road we travel. We need to leave the footprints of the Gospel behind us in our every step. To do that, we need to remember that the Gospel is works orientated. The Gospel is summed up in one action: sacrifice. Christ’s work on the cross.

But the truth is, sacrifice is hard. It requires obedience and giving your all to Christ and those around you. I’ve said before in my post on the active voice that support is unbiblical. What I mean by that is we can’t just encourage and hope that will be enough. We need to bear their burdens, as Jesus did for us, and that requires sacrifice. The sacrifice of time, and our plans.

So the preparation is a sacrifice. To obey whenever and wherever Christ call you. And that’s the Gospel.

What about peace? How do we find peace? Where does it come from? Peace is all an illusion, isn’t it? Without sacrifice, it is. But when we sacrifice our lives to Christ, we have that peace, because we no longer need to rely on ourselves, but on Jesus, and you know He has delivered you from the hand of the enemy. People need to see that in you.

I’ll continue with the subject of peace in a future post as I’m going astray a bit here. But what I want you to ask yourself is this: am I prepared to make a sacrifice today? There is no greater love than to lay down your life for your friends.