Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil: Goliath, Review


Does anyone remember Steve Taylor? Does anyone remember his last album, Squint, released back in 1993? No? If so, don’t worry, because he’s back! After twenty-one years (longer than my whole life), Steve is back, and he’s brought a new band along with him. Steve Taylor and the Perfect Foil released their debut album, Goliath in November last year, and if anyone recalls my 2014 album list, will remember this got pretty high.

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Turning The Other Cheek

One of my favourite parables in the Bible is when Jesus says to turn the other cheek. What does that mean exactly? In writing my newest novel, Virulent, it’s been a subject of thought for me, so I thought I’d dig below the surface to find what it truly means.

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U2, I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For: Yearning for Jesus

The next song I’m going to look at in my single song category is U2’s I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For. I think it’s pretty safe to say that this song has confused many Christians, even I got tripped up on it, thinking maybe Bono didn’t have the Holy Spirit and wasn’t satisfied with Christ. But after digging through their incredible album, The Joshua Tree, again, I began to see this song in a different light.

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The Destruction of the End Times: Compliant or Defiant?

So I heard this story not long ago about a preacher who predicted a major plane crash. I don’t know the preacher’s name, nor would I reveal it if I knew it, but what he predicted came to pass, and it killed many. It got me wondering, if God gives us visions like this, then why are we receiving them? Why do we need to know about future destruction that doesn’t even concern us?

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Copeland: Ixora, Album Review


Just let me catch my breath for a moment. Ok, I think I’m good; now to write a review of what I just felt. First off, after a six year break, Copeland are back with their reunion album, Ixora, and it’s a reunion album suitable for the heavens.

When I first saw this album through various websites and reviews, I knew it was an album I wanted to invest my time in, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Each song is delicately beautiful and gentle, Aaron’s vocals are just haunting, and when he reaches those high notes, it’s one of the most enchanting sounds to ever embrace my ears. My first time through the entire album, I was a bit of a mess afterwards!


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Does God Want Me to be Happy?

In entering 2015, and remembering the trials faced in 2014 and the trials we’re about to face, a question has risen that I’m sure many Christians have asked before: does God want me to be happy? The answer is pretty obvious, I’m sure, but sometimes it can look like just the opposite. Sometimes it can look as though God doesn’t want us to be happy. The things we’re going through may look like the Lord wants us to have a tough time, but if seen in the grand scheme of things, it’s quiet the opposite.

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