Copeland: Ixora, Album Review


Just let me catch my breath for a moment. Ok, I think I’m good; now to write a review of what I just felt. First off, after a six year break, Copeland are back with their reunion album, Ixora, and it’s a reunion album suitable for the heavens.

When I first saw this album through various websites and reviews, I knew it was an album I wanted to invest my time in, and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made. Each song is delicately beautiful and gentle, Aaron’s vocals are just haunting, and when he reaches those high notes, it’s one of the most enchanting sounds to ever embrace my ears. My first time through the entire album, I was a bit of a mess afterwards!


The album begins with a soft guitar plucking in Have I Always Loved You, and in just seconds, you get drenched with the beauty this album holds. And that falsetto chorus…..

The whole album bares flawless production that is some of the best I’ve heard in years. Each instrument, each strum of the guitar, each note of the piano, is in its perfect place and it really can’t be done any better.

While I can’t really point out a song that best samples the album’s entire sound, I think Disjointed, track number two, does it best. A beautiful mess that’s all over the musical spectrum, but everything just runs so well. Usually when I hear songs of this manner, they don’t work out for the best, but here it’s just the opposite.

After track three, I Can Make You Feel Young Again, we’re nudged into the next tearjerker with Erase. It ushers you in with Aaron’s gentle vocals for the first half, then it picks up and when the vocals go high once again, it’s extremely satisfying. By the end, I honestly had tears.

Lyrically, if only given a quick listen, one can say this album is just filled with love songs, and though for the most part they’ll be correct, it goes so much deeper. I’ll point out that some of the more dedicated Christian music listeners might get put off by the lack of spiritual content, with Chiromancer being the only track that is possibly about God. Whether that’s a positive or a negative, that’s all up to the listener, but as a writer myself, I know honesty is the best form of art, and these guys have loads of it. When lyrics that could be interpreted as Christian come through, they feel natural and it leaves the listener pondering and digging for themselves instead of putting what the artist is trying to say right into the light. It’s poetry at its best.

Track six, Ordinary, was the first track to be released, and it serves as a simple transition song from the experimental Lavender, to the epic Like a Lie. A single piano carries the entire song, and it’s more than enough. The lyrics are also beautiful as the singer describes that when he met his wife, his days are now “Ordinary.” It shows that the most simplest of things in day to day life are often the most wonderful.

Moving forward two tracks (which are just as amazing, but this review is already getting too long) we have the slowest song on the album, and I don’t mean that as a negative. World Turn begins with the sound of a gentle rain falling, before a soft guitar strum comes in, and Aaron’s delicate vocals take center stage. And when you thought the song couldn’t get any better, a calm saxophone embraces the bridge, and you just melt into the sounds. So much emotion is poured out in this song that you can feel it with each note.

The album ends with what could be the best song on the album with In Her Arms You Will Never Starve. Though that may seem as though the tracks before aren’t as good, it’s just the opposite. But as a finale, it’s gorgeous; and it closes out the album just as strong as it did to begin with.

Overall, this is easily the most satisfying album I’ve ever heard. It doesn’t leave you short changed, and with ten tracks, it doesn’t give you too much. It’s like a good meal that leaves its taste in your mouth for days to come. I highly, highly recommend you check out and buy this incredible piece of art as soon as you can. When you do, take it on a walk across the beach. I’m certain you’ll fall in love.