The Armor of God: The Prayer of the Saints

Praying Hands bible

For the final in the Armor of God series I want to look at a part of the armor we (including myself) have overlooked: Prayer.

We don’t usually include prayer as a part of the armor, and I think it’s because we don’t see it as something physical that covers us, yet as a friend pointed out it’s just as important, and without it the war is already lost.

We can walk around in our armor, living righteously in love and service, but without prayer, we’re fighting a hopeless battle. Just as a solider depends on another to guide him, so do we need the prayers of others. I myself have found that I’ve become more dependent on the prayers of those around me, and although I can stand on my own, knowing someone else is praying for me gives me a lot of confidence.

Two are better than one, as the Bible says. That passage then goes on to say that if one falls, there’s another to lift him up, and if one is cold, there’s another to keep him warm, and if one prevails against him, two shall withstand him. The amazing thing is is that verse continues with, and a threestrand cord is not quickly broken.

Prayer is us communing with God. It’s not just us staring at the ceiling, going through the motions, it’s direct communication with Jesus Himself, and He’s always there listening and answering; and when we direct prayer to another’s needs, He answers, even though we may not see it ourselves.

An example of this was when Mom was ironing. Yes, it sounds funny, and she wasn’t even in prayer, but she heard the voice of God say, Pray for your uncle. It wasn’t those exact words, but I won’t give his name away out of respect. And so she began praying. She didn’t know exactly what she was praying for, so she prayed for everything! The next day my grandmother called her to tell her that her uncle had just been revived from a heart attack, at the exact time she was praying. I’d hate to think what would have happened if she hadn’t prayed, but to this day that story reminds me how important our prayers are. The worst place we can be is where we believe we don’t need prayer.

So to end, let me encourage you and tell you that your prayers are so much more important than you know. The answers may not be visible to you, but somewhere they’re making a difference. The Lord is moving because of your words, and with your words, the battle’s already won.