New Announcement!

Monday will be the one year anniversary of my blog, and to celebrate, I’ve got a brand new site in the making!

Those who have been reading for awhile, or those who scroll down to the categories list, know that I love writing about music. I love reviewing songs and albums, and talking about artists I’ve discovered and loved over the years. My hope is that I’ve helped readers discover and come to love the artists I’ve reviewed and shared over the past year.

Now I want to take this to the next level. Luc’s Novelties isn’t really the place to share tons of music, which is why I’ve created a separate blog called A Diverse Sound. This blog will be all about sharing music and helping smaller artists grow recognition and fans. But I don’t want to be the only one doing this, which is why I’m going to make it a community site. A place where music lovers can share their passion with others. So I’m going to open a permanent invitation to come and be a part of the new site. You’ll be able to write posts and reviews of your favourite songs and artists so others can have a chance to discover them. I’m always willing to discover a new artist myself! (Also if you’re wondering where the Josh Garrels review has gone, I’ve moved it to the new site)

So if you’d like to be a part, comment below and I’ll send you an invite! The only rule I have is that I won’t allow posts displaying songs/albums that are explicit in nature. Your music doesn’t have to be Christian, but it has to be clean of profanity and sexual themes.

So that’s all for now. Music will cease to be covered on this site from now on (though the Music of my life will continue since it started here). God bless everyone!